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We hired Mr. Nineas to lay a brick patio, which turned out fine. Then he kept asking us if he could do our driveway, as a couple of slabs were cracking and very worn. We decided to have him replace 6 slabs of concrete. About 8-10 months later, pieces of the new driveway started popping up as we shoveled the snow. Long story short, it has been 3 years now, and although we have had written and verbal communication with Mr. Nineas saying he will fix our driveway, he has not followed through. He kept giving us excuses for why he hasn't done it - no money, relationship issues, bad weather, etc. I am sick of shoveling chunks of concrete up as I clear the snow. Be careful if you end up hiring him - our experience with the driveway has been a nightmare that I wish would end.

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