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We had James Owens come and install a pool and do a concrete patio. The whole time we discussed doing a nice coat over the top of the concrete. However, in June he disappeared and I kept calling to see when he would be back out to finish. It is now mid october. Last I spoke to him he promised he would be out Friday to finish the job however, was not going to do the coating because it was not on the contract. Was very misleading. Regardless of that he could have finished the concrete work and skimmed it. But their are horrible blotchy corners surrounding our pool. Their are blotches, patches, and cracks in the concrete. He also left a bunch of concrete chunks laying in our yard which we had to pick up and put in piles, because his crew did not pick up after themselves. Deceitful, dishonest, and shoddy work. Needless to say he did not come out Friday nor give us a phone call on his absence. Wish I could post pictures. But I will on any site that he listed on.

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