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Below standard stain and customer service
Ron built a half deck to exact specifications around our above ground pool in the allotted time and the work is excellent. The second half of this project was to stain the deck. Ron indicated that after the deck was built his crew would be out to stain it. After 30 days and constant phone calls to inquire when the crew would be out to stain. on day 42 the deck was stained. The crew never power washed or washed off any of the wood prior to staining. The finished project reflects a deck that has bloches and stain spots along the wall of the pool and stain smeared on the pool ladder. There was also stain that ended up in the pool causing a problem in water. A call to Ron and 4 days later he came to look at the deck. He was very nonchalant about the issues I presented to him only stating that due to the darker stain you will see areas of "blotchy-ness" When asked about the spots of stain around the pool and ladder I was advised that this can and will happen. I requested his crew come out and clean this, He advised he would send someone out to do this. Seven days later and no one came. A text message to Ron to inquire and I was advised to "cut him some slack". Ron neither cares about customer service or doing quality work.

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