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Avoid Louis Mastin and anyone associated with Seeger Homes.
If you are thinking of doing business with Seeger Homes DON’T. We did and REGRET it everyday. They say they specialize in building in the mountains. Not true! If you want your house to be all the same color don’t purchase from Seeger Homes (picture 6). if you want to have a safe entrance to your house don’t purchase from Seeger Homes (picture 7) because they consider that landscaping. If you would like flooring that goes all the way under your trim (pictures 2 and 3) don’t purchase from Seeger Homes. If you like being able to see through your interior doors without opening definitely do business with Seeger Homes (picture 1). if you want a house with cracks everywhere call Seeger Homes (picture 4). I could go on and on but I won’t, but I will say that Seeger Homes has the worst customer service I have ever seen. They are fast talkers who are quick to lay blame on factory or contractors. We could have had a stick built house done much quicker and probably without all the extra money they have charged us, some items doubled in cost like the crane which went from $6,000 to $12,000 and our $4,000 water heater. My recommendation is to RUN to another manufactured home dealer because our home looks as if it were built by a high school construction class. It didn’t post my pictures but if you would like to see their work first hand email me at and I can send you pictures or better yet I will invite you to see our house in person.

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